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Hi, I'm Mark Silverwood. I'm an engineer working mainly on the creation of web applications, optimisation, and simulation models. I enjoy crafting applications that solve real problems whilst still providing delightful user experiences.

During my studies (Industrial Engineering MSc), I always enjoyed the thrill of finding solutions to challenging problems through applied thinking and mathematical modelling. However, uncovering the solution to the problem was never the endpoint because I found just as much joy in packaging those solutions within beautiful applications, or visualisations, which made the solution more usable, understandable, and fun to use. I'm a strong believer that boosted user experience drives better understanding, and more frequent usage which results in better solutions; plus, they are more fun to make Beaming Face With Smiling Eyes.

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa , I recently moved halfway across the globe and settled in London, United Kingdom .

In my downtime, I enjoy mountain biking, exploring new places around the city, expanding my knowledge at a museum or art gallery, and of course, coding little projects which interest me.

If you would like to get in touch, then you can find me in these places: